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Making Social Impact

The startup culture in Pakistan is growing exponentially. This is the age of the startup explosion and organizations that can align themselves with this emerging trend are the ones that have that forward-thinking vision and strategic mindset.It is the social obligation of already established organizations to support these budding businesses by providing them the right ecosystem and resources to help them grow.

Why Incubation Centers/Accelerators?

Incubation Centers and Accelerators are the breeding ground for great ideas. Ideas that can be the next big thing - given the opportunity. These organizations are therefore the stepping stone to success and can be a part of the next Apple, Google, or Facebook’s journey. The social impact that these organizations create is immeasurable and the value addition to society, in general, is immense.

How to start an Incubation Center/ Accelerator?

For some organizations, the next step in their growth trajectory is to become the birthplace of life-changing ideas. The IBS Services Suite is a tailor-made solution for your organization to make your transition from student to instructor. We provide you with a complement of services that you can use to start your own incubation center/accelerator.

Educational Institutions

Guide that young mind in the right direction - they have the ideas, the skills, and the passion - why not provide them the opportunity?

VC funds and Angel Investors

Why not invest in an idea that you handpick, nurture and grow?


Give back to society by investing in the ideas of the future. Transfer your expertise and knowledge and create an everlasting legacy.

Mentoring/Training/Coaching groups and individuals

You are experts at imparting knowledge - why not formalize and organize your skillset and extend it to create a nurturing ecosystem for those young startups?